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From An Abandonded Research Article Concerning the Hashtag



In this paper the semiotic meaning of the common hashtag will be considered through a post-structuralist lens, as soon as the author figures out what that means.


The author described the historical meta-narrative of the hashtag to a kindergarten class through the use of hand-puppets. Of the twenty children in Mr. Brophy’s morning group, 18 played tic-tac-toe on the researcher’s field notes, one urinated upon a carefully worded questionnaire, and another quietly picked her nose while straddling a large, stuffed Clifford the Big Red Dog and crying for “wawa juice”. As is apparent from these results, the common hashtag has burst through the semiotic prison of “search organizer” and is now used symbolically by American youth as some kind of “game board” and as a feature of their nascent performance art.

Mr. Brophy’s afternoon class was not available for study because the researcher was called away to answer a few questions at a local police station. After a three hour disquisition upon the phenomenology of epistemology in response to the query: “What is your name?” the author was let go without further questioning and with the strong admonition to always remain within 100 yards of a humanities department.