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Opening Evel (Age 4)











The year: 1974. The question: What will I get for my birthday?











Answer: Evel Knieval stunt cycle. Ooooooh, yeah.

For more, check out this page on Ideal Toys (the manufacturer of fine Evel products.)

The above linked page comes complete with non-PC quote from Evel himself: “You wind it up, it goes like a little bugger, goes across the floor, grabs this little Barbie doll, throws her on the floor, gives her a little lovin’, jumps back on the motorcycle and goes whizzing out the door screaming, ‘G.I. Joe is a faggot!’

This quote is disturbing. I loved my toy back in the day, little realizing it was some kind of homophobic, wind-up Barbie ravisher. I just liked the vroom-vroom sound it made, man. And, honestly, most of the time it just kind of plopped over limply after you wound it up.

I -do- actually have home video of the toy in action. I’ll save that for another post!