Here’s a sampling of my writing to be found on the web:


An eBook for you to read on your eReader! The eBook is called Nowhere Slow: Eleven Years on a Micronesian Island. It’s totally worth the $2.99. If not, well, you’re only out $2.99.

Here’s a review from Pasifika Truthfully.

“‘Nowhere Slow’ is a thoroughly entertaining book that scores high on all fronts.”


Some thoughts on a silence and books at The Oyster Review.

A more academic-y paper I gave at Mansfield College, Oxford at a conference on citizenship.

Selected Articles:

One Small Store — Two men, separated by more than 150 years, discover the folly of attempting Western-style capitalism in Micronesia.

Born, Still — A newborn wavers between life and something else. For the father, a walk in the woods elucidates the struggle between nature and nurture.

The Smog of War — A #longread about an education in the Afghan war from the perspective of three young people (but especially one young Afghan woman).

How to Officially Forget — a long read at The Morning News about Tiananmen Square, the recent 99%er stuff, memory, romance, and the way that tired angels tent to hang out in the woods.


The Day that Borders Got the Wobblies — another long read at The Morning News about trying to unionize a Borders store in the mid-90s. This one was linked to by the New Yorker blog; so that’s something I can say now!

Links below are from The Bygone Bureau. I spent a lot of time on The Bygone Bureau which is now Bygone (forever?) so the links may not work. Perhaps I will move the articles here when I get a chance.

Ghost in the Timeline — regarding the Facebook Timeline redesign and death.

In the Land of the Non-Reader — what it is like to stop reading.

The article above is probably the most linked-to of my articles (which is still not terribly linked-to, I suppose) and I enjoyed reading reactions to it. Generally these things just kind of disappear into the ether and I’m not entirely sure what anyone makes of it. This one by Kim Ukura at Book Riot was cool.

The Sheep of Liechtenstein — about the allure of dead technology, specifically typewriters.

Shirley, You Can’t Be Serious — an older article but one that I like b/c it’s the only time that I have written about teaching, an activity that I do most days. Generally, I find it a very difficult thing to write about.

Dork Adventurer — will appeal to fans of Boethius and Infocom.

Being and Nothingness and Minecraft — speaks for itself.

According to comments on MetaFilter about the article, I do not know how to properly use the noun Lego. Actually, I know that the plural of Lego is officially Lego, but I am a descriptivist which means I make my own rules based on what feels right and, you know, how people actually use language. So by the might of my mighty Linguistics degree I now decree the plural of Lego to be Legos. The plural of Legolas is still Leglassies.








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