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An eBook for you to read on your eReader! The eBook is called Nowhere Slow: Eleven Years on a Micronesian Island. It’s totally worth the $2.99. If not, well, you’re only out $2.99.

Here’s a review from Pasifika Truthfully.

“‘Nowhere Slow’ is a thoroughly entertaining book that scores high on all fronts.”

Selected Articles:

One Small Store — Two men, separated by more than 150 years, discover the folly of attempting Western-style capitalism in Micronesia.

Born, Still — A newborn wavers between life and something else. For the father, a walk in the woods elucidates the struggle between nature and nurture.

The Smog of War — A #longread about an education in the Afghan war from the perspective of three young people (but especially one young Afghan woman).

How to Officially Forget — a long read at The Morning News about Tiananmen Square, the recent 99%er stuff, memory, romance, and the way that tired angels tent to hang out in the woods.

The Day that Borders Got the Wobblies — another long read at The Morning News about trying to unionize a Borders store in the mid-90s. This one was linked to by the New Yorker blog; so that’s something I can say now!







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